Serving 15,000 LGBTQIA+ visitors annually, the William Way LGBT Community Center provides life-giving health, human service, social, and cultural services that help our community thrive.

Our home is your home.

The heart of the gayborhood at 1315 Spruce Street has stood there since 1844, evolving from a private residence to the historic Engineer’s Club of Philadelphia, until the Center purchased it more than 25 years ago.

This nearly 200-year-old building’s deteriorating condition limits the Center’s ability to operate efficiently, incubate new programs, and draw newcomers in.

Center leadership has worked to address the aging building’s mounting challenges while holding onto that “living room” feel. But it’s about time our home got more than a touch-up.

Our New and Improved Center:

  • An efficient and accessible building layout and configuration that supports more welcoming and expansive programming
  • Upgraded heating, ventilation, and air conditioning for comfort and improved ventilation
  • Modern amenities, technology, lighting, and audio-visual infrastructure to enhance community events and community gatherings, and continue to offer both in person and virtual programming
  • A durable structure that ensures LGBTQIA+ support for generations to come
It’s time for more than repairs and short-term fixes. 


It’s time for a fearless leap into the future. 

It’s time to BUILD THE WAY.

“I love every time I have gone to the William Way LGBT Center in Philadelphia. It brings the community together in amazing ways. I attended a great storytelling workshop put on by the ACLU of Pennsylvania with an educator from the national center for transgender equality. That was very informative and affirming to me at so many levels. The hard-working and caring staff was professional and knowledgeable about the local community. I feel like it is a shelter in the storm of the outside world. It gives me hope the community will thrive in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Keep up the great work and supporting role for LGBTQ equality in Philadelphia. It feels like home to me now.” – Stephanie Fritsch