A Place To Be You Since 1974

Through its many Iterations, from Harvey Milk to Gloria Casarez, from ACT UP to TransWay, the William Way LGBT Community Center has been with you every step of the way.

Together, we have galvanized the best in each other, created judgement-free zones, developed belonging out of difference, and elevated marginalized voices.

We’ve also learned hard lessons from each other, confronting the center’s history of whiteness, acknowledging a rapidly gentrifying Gayborhood, and learning (and relearning) what it means to put intersectionality and inclusivity into action.

Executive Director Chris Bartlett

Pictured with the William Way
Community Center Sign
Outside the community center.

Now It’s Time For a Fearless Leap Into The Future.

To reimagine William Way as a vibrant, bright, unapologetically queer space where history is honored, and social justice movements are cultivated.

To broadcast that Philadelphia’s LGBTQIA+ community is a diverse, imaginative, brilliant force for transformation.

To dismantle ableist, racist, and sexist systems that keep us apart.

To gather our kin – cis and trans, Black and brown, queer and ally – in love and solidarity, learning from our past, growing in our present, and building a collective future where diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the heart of everything we do.