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On Thursday morning William Way LGBT Community Center in partnership with the Roz Group hosted a leadership breakfast and information session about the Build the Way campaign and how we can help members and organizations in the community.

We thought what better way to share information than to break the good news updates on the project while also breaking a little bread with our friends and colleagues.  Leaders from local and national companies and organizations joined us for a little coffee and pastries.

While the bagels and brew were tasty, they were just appetizers.   We really wanted to sink our teeth into the main entree–namely, the progress being made on the major renovation to our facility.   

WWCC has proudly served as a beacon of the Philadelphia community for almost 50 years. In that time, we’ve managed to accomplish so many thanks to the help and support of all of you. We’ve done some great work, but this is no time to rest.  There’s plenty more work and lots of changes ahead of us. This work includes getting our community excited about the project and getting input on the vision our community has for William Way’s future. 

Our Executive Director Chris Bartlett gave a presentation about the mission at William Way and how the “Build the Way” project can help our center during this daring and visionary project – to transform and rebuild our existing community center into an expansive, inclusive, colorful, and unabashedly queer space for all LGBTQIA+ folks to gather, celebrate, learn, and find life-giving support. 

The William Way LGBT Community Center seeks to engage and support the diverse LGBTQIA+ communities in the greater Philadelphia area through arts and culture, empowerment programs, and community connections. The breakfast included a diverse group of women and men from various industries from Banking to Mental Health Non-profits that would like to be a positive change in our community. 

Thank you to The Roz Group, Chase Bank, Republic Bank, Mental Health Partnerships, Gilbane Building Company for sending members of your leadership to help us build the way.

Stay tuned for updates about our upcoming events such as the Build Me Up Buttercup Prom and Fundraiser this Saturday, March 25th with live music, silent auction, refreshments and more!

If your company or organization is interested in attending or hosting a Build the Way event – from networking events, volunteering, or fundraising – visit Here to learn more.


Breakfast attendees seated at conference table listening to co-host Roz McPherson from the Roz Group speak about the build the way project

Roz McPherson from The Roz Group discusses the Build the Way project.

Breakfast attendees seated at conference table discuss the build the way project at William Way LGBT Community Center

Breakfast attendees meet and discuss the Build the Way Project at William Way LGBT Community Center.