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for more INCLUSION, more LOVE, more HOPE, more JOY, more YOU.

The William Way LGBT+ Community Center is embarking on a daring and visionary project to transform and rebuild our existing community center

into a more expansive, inclusive, colorful, and unabashedly queer space

for all LGBTQIA+ individuals to gather, celebrate, learn, and find life-giving support.

“The caring people and helpful programs that I found at William Way helped me to get my feet back under me, to really believe that there was a worthwhile life waiting for me to claim…And because I did, I regained my pride and my sense of purpose.”

- Elizabeth Coffee Williams

“I first began attending the WWCC when it was known as Penguin Place in the late 90’s. William Way will always hold a place in my heart as I began to become an activist in the LGBTQ community. I’m glad to see it still around after all these years.” 

- Gary Hines

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