Your gift will help demonstrate how vital the WWCC is to everyone who seeks support and community here.

Programs to Support Each Other

  • Our community-led programs offer informed guidance, empathetic support, and personal development.
  • For LGBTQ+ youth, adults, and elders fighting to be seen, to receive care, and in some cases, to simply exist, the ability to access resources and make connections with supportive peers and guides can be life-changing.
  • These new program spaces will offer greater comfort and security to community members of all ages and make it easier for those we haven’t met yet to get the support they need.

Key changes will include:

  • An expanded footprint for new and existing Elder programs, so you can access everything from social connection and cultural events to nutritional support and housing resources.


  • More flexible and private space for you to receive essential, free, and confidential support through our Peer Counseling program.


  • A serenely designed Trans Resource Center for gender variant communities and all who fall under the trans umbrella, offering access to where you can access opportunities, services, peer support, and more.


  • A large and comfortable Recovery Room where you can navigate your recovery journey with the safety and privacy you deserve.