Your gift will help demonstrate how vital the WWCC is to everyone who seeks support and community here.

Spaces to Celebrate and Learn Together

Our spectrum of communities deserves a place to connect, celebrate, and learn together – to find common ground and explore divergent viewpoints, draw wisdom from LGBTQ+ histories, honor the fight, and support and witness the emerging voices that challenge us to do better.

When people come together, our diversity bolsters our strength, our communities thrive, and our new leaders stand on the shoulders of their elders and ancestors, carrying their messages forward.

Key changes will include:

  • More climate-controlled capacity for our priceless and growing LGBTQ+ Archives, to ensure their long-term survival, and to make it easier for you to access and appreciate them.


  • An Art Gallery with flexible exhibition and reception space and secure storage, where you can enjoy visionary art of any medium, from prints and paintings to sculptures and installations.


  • Spacious, accessible upgrades to our Library, where you can enjoy author readings, book groups, and comfortable seating areas.


  • An expanded and updated Reading Room where you’ll have ample space to dig into archival and literary research.