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An Update on Build the Way

There are so many exciting initiatives taking off in the coming months, and we will see the conclusion of some key planning components including:

  • Design and Pre-Construction – Metcalfe Architecture & Design has worked with our Building Committee of 7 staff and 2 Board Members to update our programming plan to reflect these needs, re-stack some parts of the building and will wrap this month. Before beginning Design Development, our new Construction Management Firm, Gilbane Building Company, will work with an engineer to begin our demolition plan and manage the subcontractor bid and selection process, and advise Metcalfe to help complete the necessary permit applications and the final design of the building.
  • Market Analysis & Pre-Leasing – Our owners’ representative Castle & Associates, experienced construction and project supervisors that represent William Way, completed our Market Analysis to ensure the project is sustainable and attractive to tenants, and are now in pre-leasing conversations with interested tenants.
  • Pro Forma – Castle & Associates is building out this comprehensive operating budget to help us understand the operating costs and revenue streams of our new building, ensuring that we’re planning ahead and thinking about sustainable funding streams. This document and an easy-to-digest report will be completed in March.
  • Community Outreach – Our selected firm, Connect the Dots, will help us engage the LGBTQIA+ communities around the project, with a particular focus on Black, Brown and Transgender folks, and people who currently don’t come to the Center.
  • Construction Management – If we are pleased with our pre-construction firm referenced in the Design & Pre-Construction section, we will continue to work with them throughout the project.
  • Government/Foundation Funding – We had a successful press conference with Governor Wolf to formally announce our $2.5M RACP grant and William Penn to announce our $1M planning grant formally, are awaiting word on a $500K Local Share Account grant, and we are currently working with a consulting firm to assist us in raising funds from the City. We have a robust list of foundation targets to apply to in 2023, including an additional William Penn grant. More below!

Fundraising Update 

As of February 2023, we have raised $2,732,000 from generous individuals, and $5,075,000 from philanthropic institutions, including a $100,000 Sandy River match grant to help leverage our early public phase gifts, bringing our grand total to $7,807,000! We look forward to launching our campaign in March when we will begin marketing out efforts to a larger audience and a broader network of new donors.

Schedule a Tour Today!

If you have never taken a virtual tour, which is a wonderful introduction to some of our core programs, please reach out to Clancey at to schedule one today! And if you haven’t had a chance to visit our beloved Archives in its newly renovated space, we invite you to reach out for a tour. If you’re curious about more, William Way’s website,

What Else is Coming in Early 2023

With a few individuals already having secured naming opportunities in our new building, we’ll start to create opportunities where the general public and LGBTQIA+ community can have a voice in deciding which Black, Brown and Transgender leaders and ancestors we should honor in our spaces, and also how we’ll recognize smaller gifts in the new Center. One of our Campaign Committee members will be hosting a fun Build Me Up Buttercup Spring Prom and Fundraiser at WWCC on Saturday, March 25, to support the campaign – we hope you’ll also help think of fun, creative ways to continue to spread the word to Build the Way!

Thank you as always for your support!